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And Here It Is…

Merry Christmas! Hope you’ve had a lovely day so far, can’t believe The Queen abdicated in her speech! And I also hope you’re really looking forward to the Boxing Day fixtures? Quite Unique FC have a terribly tricky time of it away to second in the league Liverpool. But, before that, shall we take a look at the first third-or-so of the season? Some good, some bad, I think it’s fair to say. First of all, a few notable points of interest from our fixtures.

Form is temporary, Uniqueness is permanent.

16th September, v Fleetwood Town (EFL Cup 2nd round)

Fucking hell. Both our first choice center backs, Konsa and Tomiyasu, were too broken to start the game. Then Rodrigo de Paul takes a knock the morning of the match, so we start with nothing even approaching our first eleven. And lose. Go to hell, Fleetwood. Or just… go to Fleetwood.

19th September, v Burnley (PL)

Really, really annoying. It’s 1-1 after 13 minutes and that’s literally all that happens. Well except that Saša Kalajdžić gets injured during the next days recovery session and is out for two months. Didn’t someone mention something about squad depth in the last piece…?

26th September, v West Ham (PL)

Just. Watch. This. Stupid. Goal. I spotted that Antonio (who came on at half time for an absolutely useless Wamangituka) had 15 long throws, so on the fly I threw together a throw in routine. And, well, yes. Fabianski has had what we might charitably describe as a mare.

Ohhhh Fabi Fabi! Fabi Fabi Fabi Fabi Flappy Fabs!

16th December, v Tottenham (PL)

Well well well, I’m not sure I saw this coming. An absolute battering of Mourinho’s Spurs. 22 shots to 5, 63% posession, 2.84 xG. Cheers Jose, we needed that.

The rest of the games more or less explain themselves. A great win against Chelsea is followed by a pretty unfair defeat to Everton, which in itself sets of a run of five games without a win. But, with the return of key player Stuart Dallas (some sarcasm, but he has been bloody good) we win three on the bounce, including aforementioned unreal performance against Tottenham. And, generally speaking, I don’t think we’re looking too bad! The board expect mid table, we’re currently sitting tenth. And the players don’t seem to hate me anymore, so hopefully when I don’t let any of them get sold in January they’ll keep playing for me. Or at least for Bielsa.

A few other points of interest include the fact that by the end of the season we’re going to buy St George’s Park! Not sure who at the FA has accepted the bung we’ve clearly offered, but hey, I’m a fan of being able to make the most of the ground in time for Champions League football (I repeat, we’re curretly tenth). We also seem to have quite a time with injuries, with Stuart Dallas usually having to fill in for someone. Well, until he dislocates his shoulder on international duty and is out for two months. The more things change…

And the last bit of news, before we go and lose 1-4 at Anfield, is that according to the monthly team reports we are statistically unremarkable. In fact, as you can see below, the word ‘average’ is thrown around a lot.

Concede none, score none, THAT’S THE UNIQUE WAY!

Average? AVERAGE? WE’RE THE BLOODY UNICORNS MATE. Anyway, boring stats aside, things don’t seem to be too bad to me! Anyone fancy playing the reigning champions on Boxing Day? Alright then.

The View From The Kop

Yeah yeah yeah absolutely battered ’em mate

Well shit. I didn’t see that coming. The stats make it look like we were maybe outplayed more than the extended highlights suggested, but 1-1 away at Anfield is not a result I’m gonna complain about. Especially as, because of this stupid time of year, we have to play Aston Villa two days later.

Bollocks. See you at easter.